Solar Power Generation System with Heat Pump

    High Energy Yield (KWH/KWP)
  • Better performance than crystalline silicon at low light and high temperature

  • Positive Output Tolerance (+2.5/-O W)
  • better field performance
  • risk of reduced output is eliminated

  • Black Design Edge Seal
  • Reliable moisture and vapour barrier
  • Absolute insulation resistance through precise laser edge ablation
  • Aesthetic, homogenous appearance through the use of high-grade edge sealing material

  • Made and developed in Germany
  • Reduced manufacturing costs while at the same time increased product quality.
  • Further development of technology and reliability from renowned institutions

  • Module Format
  • 1200 x 600mm
  • Light weight 12kg module
  • Outstanding use of space owing to the small module format
  • Easy to handle & installation >> one person